Enjoy our colorful, healthy and delicious mixed flock eggs. We feed our free-range flock GMO-free fermented whole oats, pasture from our grass field, plus all the veggie scraps we can get from our naturally grown seasonal vegetables. All our eggs are generally sold within 24 hours of being laid by our hens. Eggs don't get any fresher than that!

Tender green pasture, misadventured bugs and lots of sunshine are essential to truly promote the health and vigor of egg-laying hens. Our fresh eggs will have a softer texture (in a very good way) and will "stand up" more when you crack them on a pan than grocery-store purchased eggs, which are at least 3-weeks old and will be very runny on your cooking pan.

The yolks in our eggs are generally larger and have a deeper and darker orange color, specially in the spring and summer months when fresh grass and insects are readily available. You will find the taste of our eggs to be deliciously wholesome. Try our eggs and see for yourself!

We also have a limited amount of duck and geese eggs, usually during spring and early summer.