Vegetable Shares

How long is the CSA season and what kind of vegetables can I expect to get each week?
Our 2018 CSA season will run for 22 weeks, from May 15 to October 13. We plan to grow over 20 different types of vegetables this year by using bio-intensive organic farming methods. The quantity of vegetables is determined by the size of share you purchase: small, medium or large.  To see our 2018 CSA crop plan and schedule, please click on the link at the bottom of the page.

Pick-up Times and Location:
Shares can be picked up on Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday during our posted business hours. This will ensure that your vegetables are harvested on the same day or a day prior from being picked up to ensure maximum freshness. This will also offer maximum flexibility and convenience to accommodate everyone's schedule.

The shares can be picked up directly from the farm store located at 2818 Jay Rd, Boulder CO 80301.

Share Sizes and Cost:
  • Small Vegetable CSA Share—$325 for 22 weeks ($14.77 per week)—Feeds 1-2 People
  • Medium Vegetable CSA Share—$425 for 22 weeks ($19.32 per week)—Feeds 2-4 People
  • Large Vegetable CSA Share—$625 for 22 weeks ($28.41)—Feeds 4-6 People

How to Buy:
To buy a vegetable share, you may download and print our CSA contract by clicking on the link below, or you may pick one up at our farm store. Once you fill out the simple form with your preferences, you can drop it off at the store with your payment. We accept cash, checks, debit cards and credit cards. Our preferred payment methods are cash or check. Credit card and debit card payments will incur a $10-dollar transaction fee.