Sourdough Bread Shares

The Diaz Farm is also home to The Revival Bread Company
The Revival Bread Co proudly bakes Colorado organic wheat into Boulder's best sourdough. This sourdough bread is truly nourishing. Beginning with exquisite flavor, moisture, and texture, this real food fuels your body the way bread is supposed to, with just four ingredients! 

Sourdough Bread Shares are a wonderful way to complement the vegetable or egg shares. Sourdough is baked daily on the farm and comes in a variety of flavors including jalapeño cheddar, rosemary potato, cranberry walnut, and new flavors being tested every month!

Sourdough Ingredients:
Our sourdough bread includes only four ingredients: filtered water, organic Colorado wheat flour, yeast, and Himalayan pink salt. That's it! No chemicals, no added sugars, no preservatives. The result is a high-protein bread that is astonishingly delicious and easy to digest! By using Himalayan pink salt, we infuse the bread with minerals and trace elements essential to human health.

How to buy:
Add a bread share to one of our vegetable or egg shares using this form
You may also buy freshly baked loaves from our farm store any day of the week.

For questions about CSA shares, please email