CSA Programs

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What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a system for directly connecting families with the farmers that grow their food. When you join one of our CSA programs, you are essentially purchasing a share of our harvest in advance. You become our partner in producing naturally grown produce of the highest quality for you, your family, friends and neighbors. Your CSA vegetables are grown in the heart of your community and only travel directly from our farm to your kitchen and table.

Reasons to Join:

Community & Economy. CSA's are a great way to contribute to your community. We are a small urban farm and spending your hard-earned money with a local business does really matter. It is a simple yet powerful way to contribute to the financial vigor and health of your community, city and state.

Environmental. By buying locally and responsibly grown food, you minimize the impact on the natural environment by significantly reducing the energy it takes to grow, refrigerate and transport your food. Also, you can rest assured that your food has not been sprayed with toxic chemicals that are extremely harmful to our environment and human health.

Freshness, Taste and Nutritional Value. Vegetables harvested locally are ultra-fresh and are vastly superior in taste and nutritional value over vegetables that have to travel hundreds or thousands of miles.