About Us

The Diaz Farm is a family owned and operated urban farm in North Boulder, Colorado. 
The farm was created by Pepe and Veronica Diaz in 2015, with the intention to grow food on their land to provide healthy and nutritious food for Mom, Dad and their three children. Their crops were so abundant and delicious that the idea was born to create an urban farm to provide high quality and all natural vegetables to the surrounding communities. The Diaz Farm considers the wellbeing of families and community at the center of its operations. People in the Boulder community can experience what fresh vegetables really taste like when they are harvested on the same day in the heart of their community - no food miles, no chemicals of any kind, only real food grown in real soil with real love.

We grow a variety of vegetables, raise free-range laying hens, and hand make and bake artisan sourdough bread to nourish our local community. We believe in the power of nurturing the soil in order to nourish people, ensuring care-full cultivation of our beautiful land. 

We offer CSAs to community members and operate a Farm Store to sell our products to anyone who swings by. 
The Diaz Farm is home to the Revival Bread Company and is the future home of the Tierra y Fuego food truck! Stay tuned.